Carpenters' Shape America

The Yellow Fever Connection
In 1793, Spring had been exceptionally wet, the summer equally hot and dry. People complained of the unusually large number of mosquitoes...

All In One Room
Robert Smith, General Washington, Napoleon, General & Mrs. Custer, Stanley & Livingstone and hosts of others can be found rubbing shoulders in a single room of Carpenters' Hall.

America's First Bank Robbery
In the midst of the Yellow Fever plague, in 1798, an enormous sum was taken from the Bank of Pennsylvania's vault in Carpenters' Hall. It was obviously an inside job and prominent blacksmith Patrick Lyon was put on trial.

An 18th-century "Safety Net"
Retirement, pensions, life insurance and government assistance of any sort were unknown to 18th-century Philadelphians. Not so, however, for members of the Carpenters' Company.

Celebrations at the Hall
Celebrating The Carpenters' Company and remembering the First Continental Congress. Read about these festive affairs.

The Civil War Years
The Carpenters' Company support for the Union was unequivocal even before the firing on Fort Sumter. Here is the story of Carpenters' Hall and the Civil War.

First School for Architects
George Strickland had a unique teaching resource — the Company's superb collection of architectural books!

A 19th Century Album
Carpenters' Company members were schooled in the tradition of brick and wood frame construction. Now they became equally expert with stone, concrete, cast iron and structural steel.

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